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Handling of Personal Information

Effective As Of: [1/20/2020]

Meldia Co., Ltd. and group companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as “We”, “Us’, “Our”, or the “Company”) may request the provision of personal information when handling inquiries regarding Our products and services, upon visits to and purchases of products, upon use of Our services, in the provision of quotes and conclusion of contracts in the course of business dealings, for job applications to the Company, to new recruits joining the Company, upon the acquisition of Meldia shares, and other such situations. We may also acquire personal information that is publicly available from registries and other such sources. In line with the policy stated in the present Handling of Personal Information, We shall take the utmost care in the handling of any personal information that is provided to Us or that We acquire.

1. Management of personal information

We shall appoint a manager to oversee the handling of personal information and ensure sufficient care is taken. We shall also ensure that personal information is kept accurately and up to date, and shall manage it properly to ensure that it is not accessed without authorization, lost, damaged, tampered with, leaked, or provided to any other parties (except in the situations stipulated in 3. below).

If you have any inquiries about Our handling of personal information or wish to make any amendments to your personal information, please contact Us (using the contact details in 4. below). Once We have verified your identity, We will deal with your request promptly within a reasonable scope and time frame.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

All personal information held by Us shall only be used for the purposes described below, and shall not be used for any other purpose.

  • To offer proposals regarding Our products and services, and in the provision of such products and services
  • To deliver information regarding Our products, services, and other such matters
  • To confirm, handover, deliver, and issue payment invoices for products or services that have been purchased or requested
  • To gather comments and requests for the purposes of making improvements to Our products and services and developing new products and services
  • To receive products or services that are necessary for Our business, or to investigate the possibility of receiving such products and services
  • To make inquiries regarding transactions, obtain confirmation, issue invoices, and/or conduct other such matters
  • To perform credit management, debt recovery, and implementation of/consultation on financial arrangements regarding transactions
  • To provide information regarding recruitment, and/or to make improvements to Our recruiting activities
  • To complete procedures for salary payment, settlement and other such human resource and labor management procedures, procedures concerning social insurance and labor insurance, procedures stipulated in the Real Estate Brokerage Act and other such laws, and/or any other such procedures
  • To fulfill obligations or exercise rights as per any contract with the individual concerned (or the group for which the individual concerned is the designated representative) or as defined by law
  • To obtain confirmation, undertake investigations, respond to, and/or provide resolutions concerning comments, requests, or other such matters communicated to Us
  • To handle applications for seminars to be held
  • To perform checks for member registration
  • To make credit determinations and perform credit management, having first obtained your consent
  • To keep on record for use in any future inquiries

3. We shall never provide your personal information to third parties without your prior consent

Note, however, that We may provide information to third parties to the extent that doing so is demanded and/or permitted by law (including situations where the handling of personal information is entrusted in part or in whole to a third party to the extent required to achieve the purposes set forth in 2.). In such cases, We shall ensure that personal information is managed in a way that ensures it is fully protected by the parties to whom We provide it.

Please note that in some cases, We may, in accordance with the following, share personal information in Our possession with affiliate companies that We have a capital investment in, partners, and parties to whom We outsource work. In such cases, We shall ensure that personal information is managed in a way that ensures it is fully protected.

(1) Personal information in the scope for sharing: Name, address, telephone number, date of birth, sex, occupation, place of work, email address
(2) Purposes of use of personal information by any party with whom it is shared: As set out in 2. above

“Affiliate companies that We have a capital investment in” refer to subsidiaries and affiliated companies of Meldia, Co., Ltd., including the following companies.

Open House Group Co.,LTD. and group companies
MELDIA Investment Realty of America, inc.
Meldia Realty Co., Ltd.
MELDIA Jutaku Hinshitsu Kensa Co., Ltd.
Alpha Construction Co. Inc.
Meldia Development LLC
Machome Co., Ltd.
Kento Jutaku Hanbai Co., Ltd.
Taisyo Construction Co., Ltd.

4. Our website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) and industry-standard electronic transaction security software for screens that require the entry of personal information and for member areas. SSL is a technology that encrypts information and data and protects personal information by preventing it from being read by third parties when it is transmitted over the internet

5. We shall provide ongoing education to all our directors and employees concerning the protection of personal information, and ensure proper handling of personal information.

6. We shall abide by laws that apply to personal information in Our possession, as well as other such standards, and review and improve the contents of the present policy as circumstances require.

7. Contact details and procedures regarding personal information

With regards to personal information held by Us, if you would like to:
be notified of purposes of use,
request disclosure,
request amendment, make an addition, or request deletion, request halt of use, deletion of all information, or halt of provision to third parties, or
make a complaint or an inquiry,
please contact Us using the telephone number, postal address, or email address provided below.

Meldia Co., Ltd.
Human Resource and General Affairs Department, Administration division
1-25-1, Nishishinjuku Shinjuku Center Bldg 32F, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo To, 163-0632, Japan
Tel: +81- 03-5381-3228

We would like to request your understanding and cooperation with regards to the following matters.
After you contact Us, we may request that you fill out forms specified by Us or provide documents to confirm your identity in order to ensure an accurate understanding of your request.
In some cases, we may not be able to comply with your request for legal reasons.
In some cases, complying with your request may render it difficult or impossible to continue transactions or other dealings with you in the normal manner.

The normal internal business cost of dealing with 1) through 6) above shall, as a general rule, be borne by Us, but the cost shall be borne by you in the event that any non-standard business costs are incurred. You will be notified in advance if any non-standard business costs will be incurred and asked if you wish to proceed.
Please note that the cost of communication, such as postage, from you to Us as well as the cost of obtaining certificates and other such verification documents shall be borne by you.

8. Changes to the personal information handling policy

The policy stated in the present Handling of Personal Information is subject to change without prior notice.
Please see Our website (provided below) for the latest version of Our policy regarding Our handling of personal information. Our website:

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